Editorial Policies

Peer Review Process

EMLC considers every submission it receives. The Board of Editors carefully reviews the articles based on topic, level of academic content and style. Each manuscript is first evaluated by at least two editorial board members. In order to be passed on for peer review, the article must be recommended by both the editors whom were asked to review it in detail.

If the article is judged suitable for EMLC, it is sent to two external referees. Our review procedure is double blind (author and reviewer do not know each other's name and affiliation).

Reviewers will assess the article on the basis of the following criteria:

1. Scholarly Relevance

2. Problem Statement

3. Structure

4. Scholarly Content

5. Language and Style

6. Methodology

In case of an ambiguous outcome of the review procedure, the final decision on whether to publish or reject an article is made by the Board of Editors. If revisions to an article are requested, a final decision on publication will only be made after the revisions have been submitted.

We work hard to make this process as fast and efficient as possible. We also ask our reviewers to provide constructive feedback, even if an article is not deemed suitable for EMLC.